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Propane Systems: Pumps

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Because the pressure of propane in a storage tank varies with temperature, many propane systems utilize pumps to ensure adequate product pressure. Pump sizing is determined by the pressure requirements of the fuel delivery system and the type of mixing technology employed in the case propane-air applications. Pumping a liquid at its boiling point requires careful attention to pump placement and the design of related piping and controls. Effective vapor elimination is critical. Sizing and design should be performed only by an experienced design engineer.
A wide variety of motor-driven pumps are available, including positive displacement and impeller types. From small commercial or industrial packages, to large industrial and utility systems, Standby has the experience to design the best pump system for your application.
Pumping from an underground tank requires special considerations. Without proper head pressure, vapor can be introduced into the pump, creating cavitation which leads to poor performance and excessive wear on the pump. Standby's proprietary design offers a packaged solution that effeciently elevates the liquid propane pressure without introducing vapor into the pump.
Optional controls can be applied for remote start, auto-start, economy operation, or other custom features.