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Alternative Vehicle Fuel Solutions

Small Fleet CNG Refueling

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Propane Vehicle Fuel

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Propane Fuels

Alternative fuels offer many advantages for vehicle fleets. Compressed natural gas and propane fuels are compact, efficient and significantly cheaper per gallon than petroleum-based fuels. Fueling stations can be placed in convenient locations on-site, and storage is refilled easily and reliably through the extensive distribution networks for natural gas and propane.

Midsize Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Systems

Standby designs and installs CNG compression, storage and fueling stations for fleet vehicles and over-the-road vehicles. CNG systems vary in size, and can be configured to be fast-fill, slow-fill, or both.

These systems are designed to be operated unattended during the on-site storage filling process and for slow filling of fleet vehicles (typically overnight).

For fast-filling a vehicle, the station takes on the appearance and basic functions of a typical gasoline/diesel dispenser. Key card access and individual vehicle fuel tracking are easily incorporated into the system, which allows multiple fleets to utilize a single refueling station.

Standby can also incorporate state of the art gas/flame hazard detection systems to provide that extra measure of safety.

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Small Fleet CNG Refueling

VRA Models

Standby Systems designs and builds small fleet CNG refueling stations using BRC FuelMaker’s full line of Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRAs), which provide an economical and convenient way to refuel over-the-road or in-plant natural gas vehicles. Five models are available, offering a wide range of refueling capabilities. All incorporate our proven and patented technologies. Individual models can be installed separately or together with other BRC FuelMaker VRAs and accessories to meet the refueling needs of specific applications.

  • Low capital cost allows fleets of any size to realize the convenience and economic benefits of on-site natural gas refueling.
  • Proven reliability, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
  • Built-in performance monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Ongoing 4,000-hour scheduled service intervals.
  • Modular design for easy field servicing.
  • Oil-free compression delivers uncontaminated fuel to the vehicle.
  • Simple, inexpensive installation and site permit requirements.
  • Accommodates applications for time-fill, fast-fill, or both.
  • Indoor and outdoor refueling options.
  • Quiet, automated and simple to operate.
Safety Features
  • Certified as an appliance by the CSA Group and other leading agencies around the world.
  • Automatic shut-off in the event of a leak, hose damage or inadvertent drive-away.
  • Electronic self-diagnostics to constantly monitor the VRA’s operation, such as inlet pressure, outlet pressure, operating temperature and running time and to automatically shut down the refueling process if any abnormalities or faults are detected.
  • Automatic electronic ambient temperature/pressure compensation to prevent overfilling of the vehicle cylinder.
  • Redundant electronic and mechanical measurement controls to ensure long periods of safe, unattended, reliable operation.
Simple Operation

Users of the BRC FuelMaker System will appreciate how easy it is to operate. Under the time-fill method, initiating the refueling process is as simple as connecting the hose nozzle to the vehicle receptacle. A green light on the control panel indicates to the operator that the unit is functioning normally. From that point on, everything is automatic, including the shutdown of the system when the vehicle’s fuel cylinder is full. At any time, the user can push the “Stop” button to interrupt the refueling process, if desired. Time-fill refueling takes place overnight or any other time the vehicle is not in use- completely unattended.

Fast-fill refueling can be accomplished by a fast-fill storage system. In this application, any number of VRAs are connected together to compress natural gas into a bank of storage cylinders, which is then dispensed to the vehicle. This allows most vehicles to be refueled in just a few minutes.


Propane Vehicle Fueling Systems

Standby Systems designs and installs propane fueling systems for fleet vehicles and over-the-road vehicles.

Switching to propane fuel for your vehicles has many benefits:

  • Cost - Propane is significantly cheaper petroleum-based fuels, saving you money every time your vehicles refuel. Propane vehicles also enjoy much longer engine life and lower maintenance requirements compared to gasoline vehicles.
  • On-Site Fuel - Propane as a dedicated on-site fuel source provides unequaled security, convenience, and energy independence.
  • Performance - A higher-octane fuel means more potential horsepower, while driving range is similar to gasoline engines.
  • Low Maintenance - Propane's high octane and low-carbon characteristics mean engines will last longer, even while working harder. Unlike gasoline or diesel, propane vapor does not dilute or contaminate oil or create significant wear on the engine.
  • Ease of Operation - Fueling stations are simple to operate, having the same basic appearance and functions as a conventional gasoline pumps.
  • Clean and Green - Propane is well-known for being a clean-burning fuel, producing lower quantities of pollutants and greenhouse gases. It is also nontoxic, nonpoisonous, and insoluble in water.
  • Switching is Easy - Most fleet vehicle OEMs offer their vehicles configured for propane fuel, and existing vehicles can be converted to propane for relatively little cost.