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Propane Tanks

LPG / Propane Systems

Propane and propane-air systems are installed to meet the gaseous fuel requirements of consumers and utilities.

LPG / Propane Systems See LPG / Propane Systems

Pre-engineered Systems

i-Systems are packaged, plug-and-play systems developed by Standby as drop-in solutions for most needs, with an emphasis on fully featured design and ease of integration.

i-Systems See i-Systems

Gas Blending Systems

Standby has supplied hundreds of gas blending solutions for everything from making natural gas compatible mixtures of LPG and Air, to stabilizing low Btu landfill or digester gas, or mixing natural gas with other gasses to simulate off-spec gasses to allow appliance testing.

Gas Blending Systems See Gas Blending Systems

Gas Quality Control & Stabilization

Standby has been adjusting fuel gases for 40 years and can help you achieve stable and reliable gas energy.

Gas Quality Control & Stabilization See Gas Quality Control & Stabilization
Density, Viscosity and Gravity Measurement

Measurement & Analysis

Standby provides custom instrumentation for density and viscosity measurement and analysis.

Measurement & Analysis See Measurement & Analysis
CNG Systems

Alternative Vehicle Fuels

Standby designs and builds compressed natural gas and propane vehicle fueling solutions.

Alternative Vehicle Fuel Solutions See Alternative Vehicle Fuel Solutions
Combustible Gas & Flame Detection Systems

Hazard Detection, Notification and Response (HDNR) Systems

HDNR systems are used throughout industry to detect conditions that may represent a hazard, to notify personnel of the hazard, and to respond with corrective action.

Hazard Detection Notification and Response Systems See Hazard Detection Notification and Response Systems