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Gas Blending Systems

Biogas dilution and enrichment facility supports direct end-use in a heat treating application.

Advanced gas blending facility for an energy utility.

Custom Gas Blending Solutions

Gas Stabilization

In some cases, a gas energy source can have unstable energy characteristics, requiring dilution or enrichment with other gases prior to use. Common examples include shale gas, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), and biogas streams. We design and build systems that monitor the energy characteristics of your gas source and automatically bring the mixture to your desired energy level. The result is a stable gas supply that will perform consistently.

An MFC parallel-pipe three-stream gas blending system
An MFC parallel-pipe gas blending system

Liquefied Natural Gas

Our blending technology can condition variable LNG supplies prior to pipeline injection using several interchange criteria to assure compliance with desired (adjust gas) characteristics.

Off-Spec Natural Gas

Large amounts of off-spec natural gases are available that do not meet "pipeline quality" specifications without adjustment. The gas may have too low a Wobbe Index due to high inert content or a stream may be rich in ethane. In many cases, Standby can design a solution to allow use of these valuable energy streams.