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Gas Quality Control & Stabilization

Gas stabilization for high tech manufacturing process.

An example of variation in pipeline gas quality.

Natural gas (primarily methane) is clearly the “go-to” fuel for its long-term availability, low cost, environmental benefits and extensive distribution networks in much of the world. Known (proved) natural-gas resources have expanded dramatically with the advent of economic shale-gas extraction – the result of over two decades of advances in oil and gas production technology. In the context of gas quality, it is important to understand that natural gas pulled from the earth is almost never a single chemical substance but instead a widely-varying mix of hydrocarbons, inert gases and other constituents.

The rapid growth of shale gas production since 2007 has, in some cases, affected the traditional quality of natural gas causing adverse impacts on precision end-use processes. These impacts can be corrected with proper readjustment of the gas. Standby Systems has been adjusting fuel gases for 40 years and can help you should you be impacted by such changes. Contact us and let us show you how we can help.