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Hydrogen Power-To-Gas Solutions

Hydrogen’s Role in Decarbonizing Gas Energy

Power-To-Gas is the process of converting renewable electricity into renewable gas energy that is used to offset the use of fossil-based gas. The idea came about as a solution to the problem of excess renewable electric power production with no way to store the energy produced. Hydrogen is a non-carbon-based gas having several attractive properties. It can be efficiently transported as a gas in piping systems, is an essential ingredient in the production of many products, and it can be burned as a fuel with the products of combustion being water.

The process of making renewable hydrogen is accomplished using an electrolyser to split water by consuming renewable power. Standby provides systems that perform this function, using PEM based electrolysers.

  • Power-to-Gas contributes to the expansion of renewable clean energy by absorbing excess green electricity to produce renewable hydrogen. This maximizes the capability of renewable energy production systems.

  • Hydrogen decarbonizes gas energy systems when blended into existing gas distribution infrastructure by displacing the need for traditional fossil based gas.

  • Creating hydrogen from renewable energy allows renewable energy storage that is available any time.

  • Other uses for renewable hydrogen include renewable vehicle fuels and industrial applications.

  • Oxygen generated from producing renewable hydrogen can be utilized in oxygen-enriched combustion to further decrease NOx emissions, or used directly in processes that utilize oxygen.p>

  • Renewable Power-To-Renewable Gas is an important transition in the migration to a carbon neutral economy. Immediate efforts to optimize hydrogen production into gas energy supply grids is important for understanding the technology and allowing larger hydrogen solutions.

  • With 47 years of experience in production of supplemental gases for the gas utility sector, Standby’s Hydrogen PEM Electrolyzer packages are designed to meet emerging utility needs in decarbonization of gas energy.

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